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About me

a little bit about me......

Hello, My name is Tammy. I am so glad that you are visiting Greater Vision Photography. Photography is such a wondeful way to be creative, meet new people, and capture a moment in time that is special and memorable. I have two wonderful children, whom I am very proud of and a husband that I cherish and adore. God is the center of my life and without him, these blessings would not be mine.


My Mission....

My mission is to help you celebrate every stage of your life with natural, elegant photography that reflects and fits your style, your family and the way you live. My style is honest and fun, celebrating life, love and family.


At Greater Vision Photography our practice is to always have a preconsultation prior to your appointment to discuss clothing, style, home decor, and answer questions. I will always call you the day before your appointment to work out any last minute details. During the session you can expect to have a great time in a relaxed pressure, just be yourself. After your session, you can expect to view your portraits in the comforts of your own home on your television about 2-3 weeks later. At this time, you will make your selection of portraits and pay 50% down. The rest of your payment will be due upon receipt of your photos. No photos will leave the studio before they are paid for.


When looking for a photographer to photograph your children, you want someone who is patient and has experience with how children develop. I have been a parent educator for 20 years and have a strong background in child development. Because of my experience with working with children of all ages, I know the patience it takes. I am willing to put in the time to capture that special pose or sweet little smile we are looking for. I do not stack appointments because I never want you or myself to feel rushed. Prior to the portrait session, we will have a preconsultation to discuss clothing choices and style. I want your portraits to match the decor in which you will be displaying them. It's not about taking a picture! It's about creating a beautiful portrait!...Something you will love and cherish forever! Children of all ages are my passion! I would love to stop a moment in time for you by creating beautiful portraits of your children.


Choosing a photographer to capture the memories of your child's senior year is a decision that needs to be cosidered carefully. Senior photography takes on a whole mind of it's own. It is not just capturing a smile or an attitude that you want to remember. It's about the whole EXPERIENCE! At Greater Vision Photography, you can expect a preconsulation with you and your senior. During this consult, we will design a specific portrait session just for YOU! It's all about the SENIOR! Who are they? What image do they want to portray? What are their hobbies, interests, dreams, style, favorite music, etc. The experience you will have from beginning to end with Greater Vision Photography will be one you will want to talk about!


When choosing a photographer to capture your family at a specific moment and time, you want to choose someone who is sensitive to each families culture and style. You want someone who works quickly and efficiently and who makes the experience fun and memorable. At Greater Vision Photography, we do just that. We know the stress that takes place when you are getting ready for a family portrait session. We will do a preconsultation prior to the session to discuss clothing choices and the style of your portrait. Because Greater Vision focuses on the style of your portrait, we will discuss the interior of your home and how you can use your wall portrait as part of your home decor. In otherwords, we want your clothing to match your home so you will be proud to display it.


My personal goal....

I want my images to tug at your heart. I want to create timeless portraits that show your child's or family's individuality in an honest and comforting way. I want my pictures to warm your soul in difficult times. I want to help you capture the wonderful moments that we all take for granted and have difficulty remembering. I want to write a storybook through photography, on a day in the life of your child or family.


I can't wait to meet you and your family and create beautiful portraits that will provide memories you will cherish forever!